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Broken knuckle ?


Long story short, finally got done cleaning the garage… Got my punching bag up and went to town on it. Stupid me though, I didn’t tape or put gloves on. After like 5 min, I Noticed that I had a cut on my middle finger knuckle. Didn’t think much of it. Washed it off and then went outside to help a neighbor outside with moving some yard waste ( he cut down a tree). Later that night my hand started to swell like mad where the cut was. I iced it up and took some alieve. 4 day later here I am. Typing this out, I dont know what to do. Swelling is still here and the knuckle is bright red. My middle finger is barly moveable and well is in massive pain. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Hi there.I was playing football yesterday, when it happened.I was in pursuit of the othe rplayer with the ball, upon tackling the guy from behind, he protected himself from his right with his right arm. As his arm forcefully came back my right hand went forward only for his elbow area to connect with mr fore finger and middle finger.At this point i felt the pain and also heard what sounded like a stretching crack type of sound, i thought i had broken to fingers, but after 5 mins or so i could move my fingers.Now the morning after i am struggling to do daily activities with my right hand, like holding a cup or picking objects up, even typing this is painful , so us finger next to pinkie.The Knuckle seems to be where the pain extends from and is swollen and starting to bruise, and certainly hurts when move, fining it difficult to make a clenched fist.I so far have avoided going to a+e, please advise