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Broken Little toe


Ibroke my little toe 3 weeks ago still have alittle swelling and Constant pain cannot work . How long will this last i am 53 yrs old i allready have arthritst could this have anthing to do with it.


  1. I broke my toe like a year ago and it did not heak right! It was my fifth baby toe. When I broke it i didnt go about it the right way… i took some tyoe if ace bandage and wrapped it aound my whole foot so that my toe would no stick out. Well now it is overlapping my fourth baby toe. I just need to know how to treat it on my own so waht can i do. I wanted to know if i took the surgical tape and did it the right way, would it heal back to place or do I have to break it myself and how and then put the surgical tape on so that it can heal correctly… i really need some help because my prom is coming up and I want to look my best and my toes is one of my top insecurities!Thank you!