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broken metatarsels


10 weeks ago I broke 4 of the bones in my foot, I now have pain just below the ankle joint and am still in pain, how long will it be to feel i can run around again ? I an 57 years old

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  1. I broke the 4th and 5th metatarsals in August of 2005. It has taken the whole year to completely heal although the bones were healed completely in six weeks per the x-rays. The tissue seemed to take forever to heal, thus causing pain. My foot seemed to always be swollen a little under the break area. I am finally able to wear my old shoes again! Take it slow during the healing process, and try to do any foot exercises that the doctor tells you to. You will be able to be yourself again, it just takes time. Good luck and God bless!

  2. Liz, Sorry to hear about your broken foot. I broke two metatarsel bones in my right foot last October, so almost a year ago. I had a cast and crutches for a few weeks, then a boot and crutches for a few more weeks. I never had surgery but probably should have. Like you I wanted to know when I could return to normal. I am 54 years old and for 20 years or so I have been a walker. I had walked two miles that morning before I fell later in the day and did the damage. Now almost a year later the metatarsals heads on that foot get so sore if I walk on them much at all. I have had to join a fitness club to get exercise because if I try to walk it gets painful. I hope your’s will heal better than mine have. I am thinking now that maybe I should go to a podiartrist. I don’t knwo what can be done now. Any advise from anyone?