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broken pelvic bone


does a broken pelvic bone ever heal?


  1. My mom recently broke her pelvic bone by falling. There was no surgery and she went home from the hospital in 72 hrs and is now in a rehab center until she is walking on her own. Will she totally recover from this? I don’t live near her and she is healthy and doesn’t take much medicine.

  2. my mother is 90 and she broke her pelvic bone and they want to do therp three times a day i think it would kill her mom can not walk or sit up please tell my what can be done thank you peggy

  3. : does a broken pelvic bone ever heal?My mother is 70 years old and broke her pelvic bone. Her doctor put a minifixator on her and it has been 14 weeks and it’s not healed very well. Now he suggests a stimulator. Will this help?Thank-you Sharon Cambron