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Broken pinky toe


My baby toe is broken.
According to the x-rays, it was broken on the diagonal.
I’ve been out of work for 3 1/2 weeks now and it STILL hurts when I walk.
My Dr. said it could take up to 5-6 weeks to heal.
I’m a flight attendant, so I work on my feet in a pressurized cabin for hours on end.
I’m nervous about going back to work too soon.
I don’t want to break it again.
How do you know when it’s completely healed?
Also, is it safe to ride a stationary bike?
I can push with my heel without pain.
I don’t want to make it worse.


  1. It is not unusual to have this type of fracture in a toe. Depending on your age, health and if the fracture is in good position, bone callus should be visible by 4-6 weeks. Having said that, being a flight attendant is quite a bit different than going around in a sandal or fracture shoe. An X-ray can show the bone healing. But what is most important is how does it feel in your shoe. Recently, I saw a shoe made by Easy Spirit that was made of a black spandex material that several of my patients who are flight attendants liked. This is a possibility since it would stretch.Hang in there, it should heal, but just not as fast as you’d like!