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broken ribs


My husband has 4 broken ribs.
The most painful thing for him to do is get in and out of bed.
Is there a way to get in and out of bed that will help minimize the pain?thanks


  1. I know you posted this a while ago. but for anyone else that stumbles across this site, my son broke three ribs and getting in and out of bed, sitting up or sitting down was painful. I suggest that you use pillows, for a while my son slept in a semi-sitting position. After a week I removed a pillow until he could lie flat.

  2. my ribs were broken 7 years ago right below my armpit area next to my chest nipple area and they still ache is this normal,can broken ribs ache for years sometimes,thank you for your time and imfo

  3. Have him sit on the bed. Lean down on the elbow closest the the pillow while bringing up his legs…he is now lying on his side. Keep knees bent and roll over on back. If he broke ribs on the right, he should be lying on the left side…or visa versa. This should help. Good Luck, Mya PT