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Broken Scaphoid, Physical Therapy


I recently broke my Scaaphoid and just got out of my cast after 12 weeks in it.
Quite a relief let me tell ya.
I understand that the muscles in my hand/wrist have atrophied after being in cast for the extended period of time.
So what excercises can I do that will help restore the most complete full range of motion to my wrist? My primary concern is that it’s my right hand and being very heavily right handed (though less so since having the cast on) it makes my wrist shot much less effective.
I seem to be able to move my wrist downward almost completely but moving it up is still a major issue.

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  1. I too have a scafoid problem. I fractured mine, and the best advice to date has been to fill a sink with warm water and salt and to grip and release a soft ball or sponge, to build up the muscle stength therefore taking the strain off the wrist itself. HOPE THIS HELPS x

  2. I too have had a problem wit my scafoid. I fractured mine and the best excercise given to me by a senior consultant at my local hospital was to fill the sink with watm wate and salt and to squeeze a ball, sponge, tension will build up the muscles taking the strain off the bones. HOPE THIS HELPS x

    • My scaphoid bone, right wrist, was broken in June and because of problems diagnosing it, had ORIF surgery in October. I am in Physical Therapy, which hurts like hell, and am told I “might get about 75% function back”. This is supposed to be good. It may be good for the therapist, but it sucks for me. IT’S MY RIGHT HAND!!!!! I’m getting better, but my hand constantly hurts, and it’s very discouraging.

  3. Have you been referred to see a hand therapist? Hand therapists are experts on conditions such as yours, and will help you to re-gain strength in your hand using everyday activities. Good Luck!