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Bruised Knee


I fell and landed on my knee. According to a recent MRI I now have a bruised knee with trace joint effusion.
I have been instructed by a physical therapist to do a series of leg exercises and the only other exercise I should do is swimming and light bike riding along with daily living exercises.
The less walking the better and thick sole shoes with support or good support sneakers (no high heels).My question is- has anyone had this problem and if so how long did it take to recover from this type of injury? The Ortho physician and physical therapist both are telling me that this could take a long time- like 3-6 months.
Is there anything else I should be doing? Thanks for the help with this.

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  1. Hi, i havent had an MRI done but they take an X-ray and i know EXACTLY what you are describing..i am 34 and I am very active and although i fell 6 weeks ago there is pain in my knee that prevents me from bending properly or even raising it to stretch my quads?…..i am very frustrated and was wondering how long this could take….reading your 3-6 month comment WOW now i am really depressed but thanx for the info……ONE QUESTION….did the therapist recommend a brace ?

  2. It takes about a month. I play rollerderby and this is somthing i go threw 2 twice a year, i cannot say i take doctors orders to heart..but its probably a good idea, but i do stay off it for about a month