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bruised/broken ribs 04/19/03


Thank you for this service. After reading some of the other submissions, I actually feel pretty good, but maybe you can advise me any way:)I am 44 years old and in god health and shape. I was mountain bike riding with some friends and ended up falling from basically a standstill, onto my right side. I was simply unable to remove my right foot from the toe clip and could not break my fall. Mostly I landed on my right shoulder and right knee. The knee has a slight brushburn and is no factor. My shoulder has no marks and does not hurt, however my right rib cage REALLY hurts. It has been 1 week since the fall and has only gotten slightly better. I have been asumming I bruised and possibly pulled a muscle. I believe my right elbow must have been jammed into them when I fell as it lines up with the sorest spot very well. I am now wondering what the chances are that I fractured something, what the treatment would be for a fractured rib v/s a bruised rib, and how long it generally takes for either to heal. I prefer not to go for xrays unless REALLY vital.Thank you again for any suggestions you may have.Tim

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