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Bunion Surgery


I am a runner (36-50 miles per week) with a severe bunion on my right foot. After talking with a surgeon I have scheduled foot surgery for next February. He will be shortening my second toe and also fusing the base (so in the middle of my foot) of my first metatarsal with two screws and “possibly a plate” that may or may not come out in a year or more. He said they would shave some of the bone of the bunion at my toe joint and also realign that joint. He said that that joint wouldn’t need pins but that he would show me how to wrap it for the first six weeks to stabalize the toe in a straight position. He told me I can’t put ANY weight on it for 6 weeks. My question is 1) does this all sound routine and 2) will I really be able to run again (he said I would be back to full speed 6 months post op). Do I need a second opinion? I have heard most people say they were told they could put weight on the foot after 3 weeks. He is a surgeon at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago and is board certified…

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  1. Your description sounds reasonable. Every bunion is different and every surgeon may have a different way of approaching a specific case. If you are to have the described procedure, non weight bearing would be absolutely necessary. Other bunion procedures do not require non-weight bearing. 6 weeks ia a good guesstimate. Sometimes it is longer, but rarely shorter.As far as answering your other questions, if you would feel more comfortable getting another opinion, do so. Good luck

    • When you are healed and pain free, I would expect you to be able to resume running. It would likely require building back up again. You might also require a custom orthotic. You doctor would be the last word on this though.