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Hi, I suffer from terrible bursitis in both my hips.
The pain also radiates in my right buttock when sitting for long periods of time.
I’m in the market for a seat cushion for both my car seat & office seat.
I’ve searched the internet to see if there is anything on the market for such a thing.
Then, a friend told me to check with a chiropractor and that perhaps something like this could be custom made for my ailment?
Is there such a thing or is there a special seat pad that I could purchase that would give me relief? Thank you.


  1. Dear Connie,You should have a Chiropractor evaluate you. He may be able to correct your problem. You may not need a special seat. Fell free to visit our web site curvesolutionsusa . com for a beter understanding of your health problems.Kind regards Dr Anthony Gambale877-602-7248