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Calcaneus Fracture w/ subtalar comp.


On April 1st I was involved in a head-on crash with another vehicle. The impact broke my calcaneus and damaged my subtalar joint requiring ORIF. Fortunately, the break ( I’ve been told ) was longitudinal in nature and normal shoes should fit once I’m healed. My casts were just removed ( May 12 )and I have started therapy.My Questions: After my first 2 therapy sessions, my foot has developed severe swelling (again). My therapist and doctor indicated that this swelling is normal and could persist for as long as a year! Is this normal with this type of fracture and how hard should I push myself? I was told to let pain be my guide. Should I wrap my foot to control the swelling? Ice? Heat? or combination. Limit salt intake?
Want to be very aggressive and get well!