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career research paper


need info on what it takes to be a physical therapist A.S.A.P.


  1. these are all about chiropractor:1.What courses in high school and college degrees are neccessary to become a chiropractor?2.What are the aplitudes?3.What are the intrests?4.What are the physical demands of a chiropractor?5.What are the work hours and the salary of a chiropractor?6.What are he working conditions and working enviornment?7.Are there any related jobs to chiropractor and how do they comare to a chiropractor?8.Where will the jobs be?9. What does a person do if they become a chiropractr?10.What is the future empoyment potential for a chiropractor?

  2. I need to know what your resposibilites as a p.t. are. Also how many years are you in school and what is the cost of becoming a p.t? A.S.A.P. THANK YOU

    • What are the educational requirements? What is the expected beginning wage? List any fringe benefite you can expect. Describe the possibilities for advancement. How is the employment outlook? How many opening for this occupation are expected and where will these jobs be located? List other sourcesof information about this jobs,include address. Describe briefly what an employee in this occupation does. Use another sheet of paper if you need more room.