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Chest Tendon Pain, What Should I Do?!?


lately i been getting some discomfort in my rotator cuff but its going away now. but when i bench press, i get paing around my connective tendon tissue. what can it be? what should i do? how can it heal?


  1. Why are you working out when it hurts…let it heal! Take some time off and give your tissue time to heal! You may have some you incorporate some rotator cuff exercises in your routine? Do you stretch your pecs? There are mechanical and postural reasons for tendinitis, especially in folks that lift heavy weights and bench press a lot.

    • Worked out two weeks ago and woke up with severe pain in my right pec area. Went to MD and was told I tore a muscle. How long should I rest after the pain subsides before I can start lifting weights again, 4-6 weeks ? Also had surgery for torn miniscus 1 month ago. How long before I can run on the treadmill full speed?