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chin splints


Is there any type of rehab that can be done for chin splints?


  1. Shin splints can be caused by sudden frequent running or walking activity when the body is not conditioned. If you are over-weight, diet and do alternate cardio exercises. The time off will also make your shin splints go away temporarily. If you are not overweight, then you could not have the right type of sole cusioning. Get a good insole for your shoes. Go to a running expert and have them analyze your running technique.Persistent shin splints can lead to stress fractures, so be careful.

  2. Hello! I ran cross-country races over the summer and played field hockey. My chins started hurting and I was told that they were chin splints. But a few weeks went by and the pain went away. Now, a few months later I am training for a marathon and there is very bad pain again in my chin area, but only one leg this time. What should I do stop running/ weight lifting? orrr… more iceing?