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chipped bone in foot


My mom backed up on the stairs,fell and chippe a bone in her foot. Can a chipped bone mend its self or willshe have to have surgery.
She is able now to walk on it. She stayed in bed as Instructed by the hospitalfor 4 days. I am concerned about her possibly having to go through surgery. She is 76 years old .
Though she is in good health I know at her age it can be difficult to bounce back from surgery. Please reply (ASAP).

Thank you,
A concerned daughter


  1. I have a chipped bone in my ankle,displayed in a x-ray I took. Do I need surgery?,it bothers me at random,not all the time.

  2. Hi Stefani,Unfortunately, you did not say which bone your mom chipped. Sometimes, say with a fracture at the base of the fifth metatarsal, surgery would be required. Fractures other places go on to heal uneventfully.If you mom is comfortable and is not having any problems walking, I would think long and hard before consenting to surgery. I would also consider a second opinion.Good luck! : Thank you,: A concerned daughter