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chipped elbow


On 3/28/06 I fell and hit my elbow,I went to our local E.R.I followed up yesterday with an ortopedic.He advised me that I have a chipped elbow(Saw xrays)With tricep tendons attached,After removing splint I have full mobility of my arm and very little pain.My concern is that he wants to perform sugery to remove bone chip,and reattach tendons from bone chip to elbow.What would be the long term effects,If I don’t have this surgery.ThanksGlenn Caswell


  1. I fell and hit my elbow on some rocks and it got a lump. I went to the dr and he drained. There was blood and fluid. Is this normal? It seems like howrs after its drained it fills back up and I have to get it drained again. What should I do??