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Chiropractic answers


Just stumbled across this site, it is impressive to see this many people interested in their conditions.
I applaud the Chiropractic student for trying to keep up with the questions.
I will try to help out by interjecting as i see fit.
Quick BIO: Life Chiropractic College Grad(and Proud)Louisville, KY area practice largely consisting of families and athletes.


  1. Dr. Willis if your first name is Troy, which I think it is based on a few web searches, then we both definately know at least 1 person. If you want to correspond further then shoot an email to 91z4me @ . Just remove the spaces.

  2. Well I’ll be darned. Not only does another DC join but one who is in Louisville, I lived there before going off to school! Heck I worked in an office there. I am sure we know a few of the same people. Nifty! I will check back later to see if you want to correspond.