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chondromalacia patella


There is erosion of the articular cartilage of the medial and lateral facet of the patella associated with subchodral marrow oedema.The doctor diagnosed it as chodromalacia patella.


  1. Unless the pain is severe avoid the debridement or intervals between them. I have been diagnosed countless times with chondro… since a MCL,Meniscus,ACL partial tear 15 years ago.I think in english it means rough patella surface w/swelling usually present. I highly recommend the expertise of your physical therapist before anything invasive. I have found over time the scar tissue from my past invasive procedures (about every 2-3 years since 16) has caused in my opinion more of a problem then before my debridemnts. I am very active in various sports and swear by PT’s as my preferred choice for strengthening and controlling pain from my past knee problems. Rob