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Chronic Quad Tendonitis


Hi There,I am a 20 year old tennis player who has suffered from chronic Quadricept tendonitis for the past 7 months. I have tried everything from Physical therapy to Ionto. Would love some feedback because I am really pondering what to do next. Thanks!


  1. My injury has lasted two years. I had stress fractures of the pelvic bone and chronic pain in the pelvic areas. If I stand, sit, or walk so much it gets worse and keeps me laying around for at least three days. I had PT two separate times and didn’t help. Steroids which only made me gain weight. I have been everywhere. No help. I have been told it’s ligaments, tendons, and tissues. I worked on the assembly line at Ford and darted around a girl that was working in my area (instead of her own) talking on the phone all the time for at least five months. I pushed my body over the limit with no help from the company or union. I understand what you are going through. Hang in there. It’s a tuff situation. Don’t let it make you do stupid things.

  2. HiI am 23 and I run and am suffering from a similiar problem, but for only 2 months. Have you found anything that has helped? This injury is very frustrating!

  3. Chris,If you are still suffering after 7 months, something is wrong. Either the initial diagnosis is wrong, or the PT is not helping you. I have been doing rehab for years, and can tell you that PTs who do a lot of Sportsmedicine rehab, would normally have helped a person like you by now. I would suggest you go to a Orthopedist who is known in the community for having a big Sportsmedicine practice, and get a second opinion from him. Then, ask him to refer you to a really good PT for your rehab. Please let us know how you make out, and good luck!