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Clavical fracture


My son is 21yrs old and in the military, he recently broke his collar bone and was sent home with a simple triangle splint support. Does he not need something else?, like a figure 8 splint?..


  1. My clavical is fractured in the middle with no tendon involvement. I am an o.t. and began active assistive rom within a week and now one week and a day later have full rom against gravity except in horiz add. Question is how to reduce the size of the “bum? Healing seems to be progressing quickly. I have taught a modified yoga class and performed a modified Zero Balancing bodywork session with no problems.

  2. Hi I met an Motorbike accident and got broken my Collar bone exactly in the middle, now How long it will take to heal up and what are thw further precautions. to prevent a bump in the jointing area what to do. Kindly suggest,RegardsNavankur SOod