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Complete compound Tib/Fib FX


Looking for an opinion! Daughter age 9 was hit by a car 10/9/06 and has a complete compound Tib/Fib FX. Intramedullary rods and new cast with windows for dressing changes. Non weight bearing for 8-10 weeks, surgery scheduled at 12 weeks again. Callous forming, but now the leg is deviating externaly appro. 10 degrees. Doctor says resetting in to neutral position would put us back to square one and may cause more splintering damage.
Her leg is looking “wavy” almost twisted on the xray and doc has said there may be a length decrepency too.
With this combination what should I think about for the future?
I would assume this could cause back problems.
I am an OT and have gotten contradicting opinions from my OT and PT co-workers about leaving this go.
Probably need a second opinion fast. Any input would be appreciated.
Thank you, Michelle


  1. OMG! Have it fixed, this happened to me. I cant even have one day with out back pain, I am only 26 and would rather have no leg than this pain!

  2. Is their anyone who moderates this board? I see many basic information questions with no responses from a PT. Thank you for your time.