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Contractures of feet & arms at elbows


My mother is 88 years old Alzheimer/ persistent bladder infection woman, who is wheelchair bound with little activity.
Hospice workers have used massage and have provided 1 structured boot and cotton strap for her contracted feet. To be worn during the day only.
This has recently happened in past 3 weeks.They say no more PT will help. I think other forms of heat, near infrared and upper leg massage and more could be of help.I am interested in your comment.Thanking you in advance.Thoughtful Daughter


  1. Yes, you are right. Dyathermy and a static stretch brace like a dynasplint would be very helpful. Ultrasound at 100% can help as well. Is she is an nursing home? Her part B medicare will pay for dynasplints. Ask the PT there.