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correct brace for acl deficient knee and snowboarding


i have a complete rupture of my left ACL with two repaired teatrs to the left medial meniscus. i’m still fit and play soccer every week. i want to go skiiing and/or snowboarding and want to know the best knee brace to buy. looked on the don-joy web-site and money is not a problem.thanks, james walker.


  1. Hello James,I have had multiple medial meninsectomys, debridements and a repaired MCL. I also test positive (drawer test and other I’m not sure of name) for partially torn or streatched ACL.Oh, also had release of IT Band.These surgeries occured beginning when I was 16 from a high school soccer game. Though I unfortunately at 37 have stopped playing soccer, I continue to ski using a Don Joy knee brace with lateral support as well as the adjustment for limiting the degree or I belive it would be called flexion and extension. My Orthopaedic Surgeon recommende this brace and it has been phenominol (no spellcheck sorry).I have since (which is why I am at this site) tore my achilles working out and am using yet another Don Joy brace. Oh, I also surf and work a tuna charter boat using my knee brace which is a benefit of the Don Joy line since they are made of “wetsuit-like” material.Hopefully I haven’t bored you, but we seem to share similar injury histories. By the way, physical therapy following surgery has really got the edema, range of motion and strength back quickly and I highly recommend it if your income or insurance allows.Please let me know if you read this and it helps any.Thanks for this forum,Rob Mailly