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Could it be a bunion?


I have a painful, inflamed bump on the outside of my left foot, below the baby toe.
The bump itches when shoes are off but is tender when I wear shoes.
Could this be a bunion?


  1. I have two such bone growths – one on my instep and one on the outside of my left foot. Have been treated for plantar Fasciatis and misaligned left ankle and wear orthotics now. Have been running 20 miles a week for 22 years. Am 63 and otherwide healthy. Anything else I can do short of surgery?

    • The first thing I would ask you if you were in my office is- “Does it hurt? and does the problem prevent you from doing the things you want?

  2. It might be a Tailor’s bunion. This is like a mini bunion. You should see a podiatrist for further evaluation and treatment.