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Cracking and grinding in neck and lower back with pain


I had lots of neck and shoulder pain a year after I got into a small car accident and didn’t do treatment until 2.5 years later.
I went for x-rays at a chiropracter for my upper neck and was told I was going into phase two of degenerative disk disease and lost my neck curvature. So we did adjustments 3 times a week, then twice a week for 2-3 months about.
My curvature is finally noticable once again, yet now I am hearing this cracking and grinding noise throughout the day when slightly moving my neck any position.
Sometimes, my neck hurts so bad, I press on the back of it and feel a buldge of something – if I push on it hard it makes a grinding sound, and subsides a little.
When this buldge appears, massive pain along my arm and shoulders reaccur again and it’s unbearable.
I asked the chiro about it and he says it’s nothing major? Can you please help me and give me advice as to what this is and is it curable without surgeory?
I don’t have anymore money left to pay for a chiropracter anymore since I was paying out of pocket.I apologize if this is so much information and questioning, but this is really bothering me. I’m 23 years old and I feel like a cripple sometimes.
The neck and shoulder problem didn’t occur until after the accident when I was 20. On the other hand, I have had lower back problems since I was at least 13 years old.
Sometimes I get this severe shock if I am even gently bending down.
I always have pain when standing and if I massage or push on the lower area, it always feels like a bruise. Now it’s getting to the point this last 3 months where I hear this loud popping and clicking when I get up from a chair or twist my body naturally.
I get burning sensations too in both my neck and my lower back. What is all of this? My mother and grandmother both had surgeory.
I keep reading that surgeory is not always neccessary, so how do I fix this or can I? Thank you and God bless you.