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cracking back ,neck


i broke my neck and pelvis in auto crash 15 years ago. i tend to get stiff so i lay on the floor and twist my hips. sometimes my back cracks but i feel better.also i can crack my neck, also feel better after. what is doing to my back? also i have a bit of pain.


  1. I am an 18 year old college student who feels as if i am 30. heres the thing. i can crack any part of my body that i want. and sometimes my back, neck and hands hurt so bad that i have to crack them.i want to stop doing this because i think the long term effects will be extremely bad, aside from that, i am always being told that by the time im 20 i will have arthritis, and cronic joint and muscle pain. i want to stop, but i dont know how. any advice

  2. I too was in a car accident 11 years ago and broke my pelvis. If you can get your muscles worked on, then do so. Go to an acupuncturist who can do muscle releases. Your muscles are going into spasm probably and they keep pulling on your vertebre. If you can release the muscles, meaning relax the muscles, you won’t need to feel like you want to crack your back. Everytime you do that you help to pull on your vertebre more.Also try moist heat on your musculature.Good luck

  3. my back cracks for no reason. i feel like it’s having a harmful effect. for a year now i have had back pain and for the last two months i have gone to three doctors for severe neck pain. they have put me on muscle relaxants that have not worked. I take 800 mg of motrin every day just to take the edge off, but the pain is constant. the doctors say it can’t be arthritis since i’m only 24. i used to crack my back when i was younger and i wonder if that is the reason. but i never cracked my neck. i need help.