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Crackling noises in neck after adjustments!!!!!!?????


I started seeing a chiropractor for tingling, numbness and pain in my feet and some back issues. Along witht he treatment, I receive a neck adjustment. About a week into the adjustments I started noticing my neck makes a cracking noise moving from left to right and also when tilting and stretching. This never happened prior to the adjustments. Does this indicate I now have a hypermobile neck due to stretched ligaments or is this just a normal the neck? My Chiropractor says this is nromal and it will resolve and get better, but I guess I have natural fear of doing damage and getting worse. I was even going to travel several miles to sit in on a Chiropractor Q&A to ask this question for a second opinion. Are there any D.C.s on this board to put my mind at ease???Thanks!


  1. I have been having neck pain on the right side and up into the base of my neck. I am seeing a Chiropractor three times a week and sometimes four depending on the pain. He adjusts my neck and upper back. After my adjustments it feels good but shortly after it seems to be “out” again especially after a night’s sleep/tossing. My chiropractor tells me that the muscles and tendons are being “retrained” and it will take time for it to stay in place. I had suffered with the pain for a few months before seeing him. How long does it usually take for the joints to stay put? Is there anything I can do to help the process? I have seen some improvement especially in my upper back.

  2. I’m very concerned about this too. I woke up one morning about a month and a half ago with a banging headache that seemed to last for 5-6 weeks. Went to the doctor and explained this and they didn’t think there was much wrong after checking blood pressure and ears after i explained i felt some pressure in them. So I was upset thinking this is not gonna dissapear by itself so i went to a chiropractor and got good relief from the headaches for a day or two then I started to feel pains but at a much lower level and i also started to notice the crackling in my neck in mornings especially and the crackling is still there no matter how much I move it. So I went back for my second adjustment and explained the crackling and she said it was ok for now as were moving stuff around. After my second adjustment the crackling dissappeared and then a few days later it was back again. So It still has me worried. She told me it’s just gas being released. I really hope my headaches and crackling comes to an end soon. I have a few more adjustments to go but sometimes I wonder is It actually gonna work or is it a waste of money and time.

  3. I may just quit the chiropractor soon and get back the small amount of money I have left from the program I signed up for. I am not getting any relief after months! The crackling noises started from the adjustments and have not gone away after months! I am now at the point where I have like 6 sessions remaining and can’t see the point in finishing.

  4. Rich,There is no evidence to support neck ‘adjustments’ for low back pain. Ask your chiropractor why he/she was doing this. He/She is subjecting you to unnecessary risks.

  5. i have bulging disc c6-c7,t11-t12,L2through S1 and RT rotator cuff tear. sofar i had twoice surgeries in my RT shouder.Iam going to PT and chiropractor. recenly i feel cracking sound in my nech with each movement.Since four days ago i feel heaieness in my head,pressure in my both eyes,dizziness,tingling in my RThand and leg,stiffness in my neck,soulder and back I feel congestion and nausea some times.iam affraid this signs are serious may be ,ICP,do you think should i go to ERor wait until i see my neurosurgent.i have appoitment on monday/feb/11.

    • Did you have these symptoms at before the chiropractor? Not that, that means anything…A lot of that could be the bulging disks…and i know it is scary.

  6. Chiropractic helps loosen the fixated vertebrae. When they have been stuck for so long you’re going to hear noises and they begin to function. Like moving an old rusty hinge back and forth. The sound stops once motion is restored. The noise in this case is simply from the ligaments and joints beginning to loosen and starting to function. Crepetis does not mean hypermobility. Whomever is telling you that chiropractic causes noises for life is crazy. If anything, it prevents it.

  7. So this is okay even though I never had the noises prior to the adjustments? I hear stories of people now having these noises for life after receiving chiropractic treatment and I guess that scares me like we are creating a bad condition, arthritis or something. I think I saw you mention Creptitis?What is the new noise or noises? Ligaments? Vertabre? Initial misalignment caused by the adjustment?

  8. Don’t worry about it, he is right, it will pass. Nothing to be concerned about. In fact, my neck would also make noises and it went away with chiropractic.