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cramps in left foot also numbness and cold


i am awaiting an appoitment to see a pysiotherapist as my gp dosent know what is wrong with my foot i hope you can shed some light on this for me…i cant lift my toes upwards and have little control of my foot from my ankle and soetimes this causes my foot to drag as i walk. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
many thanks yours sincerely suzanne.


  1. Hi Suzanne, I read your question today (8/18/07)and I wanted to tell you that I’ve been having the same symptoms for several months, I went to the doctor and they can’t find any reason, did you get any answer? please let me know.jr130762@yahoo.comRaul Castillo

  2. Hi Suzanne, i can tell you exactly what is wrong with your leg and foot as i have the same exact is call foot drop and it has to do with the peroneal nerve in your leg which runs down the back of your leg then goes to your ankle top of the foot and to the toes…something is wrong with your peroneal nerve, please let me know if there is help out there…

  3. I had scope l knee surgery for repair of torn menicus, the same nite of the surgery i called the doctors office and told him that my leg was freezing cold and so was my foot and i could not move my foot and my leg was cramping really bad and burning…they stated it was from the position in the operating room…then by friday i was in so much pain and my leg and foot would not work at all below the knee…so now i am post op 3 months leg and foot remain very cold cramping …oh he did an er sugery on friday nite 2 days after my first surgery to remove a suture that was inside the back of my knee holding the cartilage together which he stated that it might be causing pressure on the peroneal nerve…well it is 3 months later and i still have foot drop..could you please direct me to the next step..thanks andrea