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Can you please describe what Cyatica is?
What causes the pain? How is it treated?
Is it linked to any other condition?Thanks, Laura


  1. Been told I have it by Doc but no big thing made about it. Pain killers (Cocodamol don’t seem to help. Tends go go away by itself if I remember I have it June thru September or later.

  2. : Thanks, Laurastill have burning sensation in right hip and burning lower leg when i walk started with a pressure in the right hip last day of june this year the 1st of july was excruciating pain in right hip being seeing chiropractor since then i am better but still have problems ty

  3. What causes Cyatica?? How can it be cure?? The pain seems getting stronger every time. Today I had the worst pain ever. I felt that my leg cound not support me. I lost my balance but I hold on to a shelf near by. Almost instantly I felt like a hot liquid was running down to my pain area. I had never felt this kind of burning/pain before. When I was 6yrs old a motorcycle runned me over. I had trouble walking after that for a while. Counld that be the cause of cyatica now??