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Desiccated Disk w/ Annual tear and Tarlov Cysts


I have been suffering with back pain for over 7 months and it’s getting worse.
I had a MRI done that came back with Disk desiccation at L5-S1, thiny focus of hyperintense signal, annular tear, disk protrusion at this same location. Also it states that I have 2 tarlov cysts of different sizes and locations.
What do I need to do or whom do I need to see to get this taken care of?


  1. patient presents wit SI jt pain and pain at the bottom of left foot MRI show DJD in l/s spine and tarlov cyst findings on exam yield SI Joint< lateral sacrum L5 & L2 weak Left psoas Muscle Positive SLR @60 and positive Braggards is there the chance conservative care will be helpful or is she looking at surgery or drainage of the cysts

    • Many times the cysts fill back up or return later after surgery. Conservative management is always first, try it see how it goes. Some people have these cysts without them causing a problem. Depends on location. The referral pain is probably most likely due to the DJD and chiropractic is excellent at managing that.