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different size feet


My mom when she was younger she had polio and she had sugery when she was younger on he right foot. The problem is the when she goes and buys her shoe’s she has to buy them in two different sizes and most stores wont let her just buy one pair she has to buy two and what I’m trying to get at is would you know of any place or web sight that she can go to to get her a pair of shoe.
Instead of haveing to buy two pair to fit a 8 1/2 and a 9 foot…..Thank you

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  1. hello, i do have to 2 different size’s of feet. Nordstroms does divide shoes up also the reebox outlet store sell shoe cheap . i got reebox high tops there for 10.00 a pair. So that was 20.00 total cost. i do have a 8 left and 6.5 on the right. new balance in missouri will break up the shoes and send them also. but due to size and the width. it cost me. but it was well worth. If any one wants the mates to the reebox i’ll send them for free.they are 8 on the right and 6.5 on the left. please e-mail back if amy one is interested in these. margie

  2. Misty:I know you wrote this over 2 years ago and I’ve been looking for my opposite too. My right foot is a 7-7.5 and my left is 5-5.5. I found out that Nordstroms will split sizes for you and not charge you for 2 pairs. It’s the only place I shop for shoes. A little pricey sometimes but it beats throwing away a good pair of shoes. I’d be interested to hear from you.Doris

    • My daughter has spina bifida which has affected the growth of her feet. Her left foot is size 11 1/2 and her right is size 2. Do you know any children’s shoe stores that will sell 2 different sizes as 1 pair? Shoes get so expensive when you have to buy two pair

  3. I have the same issue, but I have a size 5 right foot and a size 7 left. I end up throwing away the extra pair, and would love to find someone with the same sizes but opposite feet.