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disc hernia


I am desperate to find what is wrong with my back. I have visited several doctors and they have looked on my X rays . Some said I have a start of disc hernia ( on l3 – l4 ) and some say nothing . it is now nearly a year since the pain started after pulling my suitcase on a holiday and although I dont suffer great pain , it is annoying that no one can say what is wrong , when I move my left leg up , I constantly have a crack sound on my left back and then it feels better. Can I go to the gym and pull weights or play football ? I really need to know whom I should see to get a prober result. Thank you

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  1. HelloI wonder if you can answer a question for me. My Aunt has recently been moving furniture around and since then has had some pain in her lower back and numbness and then pain down one leg into her knee, this is excrotiating. It got gradually worse adn she was having difficulty moving around and then got in the bath one day and could not get out, she eventually did by really straining, this has made it all worse. She was then having difficulty going to the toilet and passing blood. She then noticed a lump in her stomach whcih started to get bigger and on attending an appointment with her GP, was diagnosed as having an umbilical hernia, he did not mention though whher the pain she has would be caused by that. I was wondering, as the symtomns for a disc hernia are exactly what she is suffering from, that she may have one of these hernias to, i wondered, would one cause the other or if you get one is it likely that you would get the other one?ThanksMelissa Warren

  2. My mama has a disc hernia in the 14 lumber disc.She is in a lot of pain for already 10 months. It was as a result of lifting heavy weights at home.Is there any excersise that can be done to aliviate the pain and improve this condition.