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Dislocated Elbow – Exercises


I dislocated my elbow four weeks ago.
I can’t fully open or close the arm at the moment. Can you suggest some exercises that will help me regain full momement?


  1. Dislocated elbow – full arm cast – any suggestions for immediate exercise and then additional when cast is removed. Currently in central america on holiday.

  2. Funny how you neglected to state you broke your humerus and have 2 screws. You have some major stuff going on there. Call your doc and ask for PT.

  3. i dislocated and also broke humerous bone from my elbow. i had surgery and 2 screws put in my arm. i cant fully extend or flex my arm. anyone have suggestions

  4. Ask your doc if you can see a physical therapist. Sounds like your are forming a contracture. If you wait too much longer the lack of range of motion could become permanent.