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Dislocated pinky….HELP!!!!


I recentley dislocated my pinky playing basketball…My pinky was pointing at a 45 degree angle out, i went to the energency room and they poped it back in and took X rays, it wasent broke or chiped…about 2 days later, my pinky is still swollen, and there is a “hard” lump on the side it was pointing…my dad said it was cartlidge, but im kinda worried… if you guys have any ired what it is can you please tell me!

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  1. I dislocated my pinky as well play basketball this summer. My was pointing out to the right at a 55 degree angle. That was only my knuckle bone. My middle joint was pointing inward and then my top joint was pointing back out the other way. It really hurt. It was the size of three of my middle fingers. It hurt… badly, but I didn’t go to the doctors’ office, my dad just popped it back in for me… now it is crooked and I think still dislocated.Don’t worry, it is cartilidge. That is just how it heals, mine was the same way.

  2. Hey Ryan, I just dislocated my pinky last Sunday playing basketball as well. It was almost pointing at a 55 degree angle. I was really important to the game, and since my dad was the coach, I ran over to him and showed hi it. He pulled it back into place. I continued playing and at the end of the game… my pinky was black, blue, and purple. But a week later, I could bend it. All that bump is, is cartilidge… just like you dad said.

  3. I rammed my right hand into a door frame while carrying a TV two days ago, and ever since, I have not been able to keep the tip of my little finger straight. It is bent down, and won’t stay straight. It doesn’t hurt that bad, but it sure looks funny. Is it dislocated?