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Distal bicep tendon rupture. need help


Hello… The injury occurred June 4th. I wasn’t diagnosed until 4 weeks later. The surgery didn’t go well. 3 hrs longer than anticipated. The surgeon told me he was able to attach what was left of the tendon. He stated “It’s as tight as a banjo string” It has been three months since my operation. I developed adhesive encapsulitis. Therapy has been rough. My question concerns the musculature around the bicep and frontal shoulder. Most of the pain during therapy comes from a muscle that seems to run laterally across the frontal, lower shoulder. Could this pain be from the stretching of the bicep, and not the frozen shoulder? This is a workman’s comp injury and the new Dr and therapist aren’t giving me much information. Any information you can share would be most helpful. TIA

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  1. hi Mark, my name is Mark as well i’m 30 years old. i had a same distal near the elbow injury yesterday. i feel so stupid! because it could of been avoided. i don’t plan on getting surgery. really i didn’t think it was so bad cause i can straighten it out fully as well and moving my forearm from palm side up and down, and i had no pain when the injury to place. It wasn’t till this morning that i noticed the gap of space near the front of my elbow. then things really bad when i went to pick up my 25 pound dog from my bad and my bicep seemed like it spazzed out and ran up towards my shoulder i had a big hole in my arm it look like the letter “s”. i would like to know first if you had the surgery? and if you didnt does you’re arm fontions still all work, and is there any pain at all? please reply back

  2. I injured my right distal bicep tendon near my elbow. I can straighten it out fully, I can make a muscle without hurting. It has turned black and blue but I can not feel any bulging at the elbow. I injured my left bicep tendon last year and it was a tear but surgery made it better. My left did not bruise up at all and I could not even bend my arm. Is it possible that this is just a stretch of the ligiments or tendon. Because if it was a tear, rupture, or if it had fully detached from the bone would I be able to move it the way that I am without much pain. I am seeing my primary care on Thursday. I am hoping this is just a tear.Mark