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distal tear of bicep tendon (elbow)


should i have the sugery i feel great now and feel as strong

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  1. My surgery was done in an orthopedic hospital where the Baltimore Ravens, and all the athletes from the Maryland Terps go. After 6 weeks I start flexing myself without weight.

  2. I had the lower biceps tendon come completely out and I just got my cast off today 6 weeks after surgery. I was amazed at the time that I has full range of motion and everything. My doctor said, however, that he always fixes this type of rupture since it is the main strength of the arm.

  3. I had surgery, It was a LONG recovery time, about 7 months before I used it again… IF you can afford it or have a job where you dont need an arm, I would have it done… I know people who didnt have it done and they lost strength in that arm and will always have a smaller bicep

  4. What are my options, I have free range of motion, slight slight pain. Injury one week old. Diagnosed with distal tear of bicep.

    • it has been one week since surgery. according to the surgeon i will be in this half cast for another week. so what can i expect after that? what is an arm brace? what is the rehah process?