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drop foot


i had microdiscetomy ( rt leg sciatic nerve pain)dec 20 and i have some numbness in my right leg. my gait is off alittle i cannot stand on my tip toes on my right foot. i think it is called drop foot …not sure. i was wondering if it goes away on its own after time or rehab?


  1. It depends on if the nerve supplying the muscle that holds your foot up when you take a step was stretches, nicked or cut. Nerves outside the spinal cord will regenerate at a rate of about a few mm per month. You see nerve regeneration can take sometime. I would say give it a good year and after that if you still have dropfoot chances are it will be permanent. If it is you will need some sort of a drop foot brace so your gait is more “normal” and you don’t trip on things.