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Elbo Pain


After lifting weights a couple weeks back, I have pain in my left elbo.
Specifically, the pain is directly on the interior bone and slightly more toward the forearm vice the bicep.
The elbo hurts not only during excercise but, to the touch and when sleeping. Do you have any suggestions to what this could be, and how to treat it? Thank you.


  1. I have pain on the inside of left elbo all around the bone under the skin.It’s constant and really hurts when turning a door knob and pulling on anything. It’s also tender to the touch and the pain is located slightly above elbo than lower arm.Any info would be appriated thanks mike

  2. I fell on the ice and broke my left elbow .I was wondering if there were some type of exersizes i could do to strengthen my elbow for a faster/better recovery. I am a single mom and can’t efford to go to therepy.