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Elbow pain/lower arm


I’m an active Marine, and an avid weight lifter and have been experiencing back, neck, and more recently elbow pain.
The first two I’ve learned to live with, but the elbow pain is getting real bad, real fast, eminating in the center of the elbow joint itself, and seeming to run down the length of my ulna to my hand.
The pain is often accompanied by a burning feeling.
Hope it’s not a new STD.
Is this tennis elbow/tendonitis?
If so, is there a treatment other than not lifting and taking motrin?
I am inexperienced in diagnosis. Regards, Jake.


  1. Doctor, I do play baseball and for a long time I have been feeling a lot of pain in my elbow. I did go to an orthepedic and he didn’t really look at it that well. He just said that I need rest. Then I tried a chiropractor and he recommended an acupunturist but I can’t wait that long I need to know what to do know.

    • i have had pain in my arm by my elbow and it only hurts when i straigten out my arm i get a sever pain and i’ve icing and it doesnt work and i have tried heat and that only helps a little bit is there anything else i can do?