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Exercising after a fractured foot


Hi. 5 months ago I fractured and sprained my right foot.
I still can only wear sneakers, in constant discomfort and still a little swollen (I drive for a living..approximately 150 miles a day).
I would like to start exercising…and was interested in using a treadmill, elliptical, and/or rowing machine.
What is your recommendation? Thank you!


  1. Hi there,I fractured my fifth metatarsal last week and am currently wearing a walking boot. Fracture was deemed a “stable fracture.” Prior to the injury, I was walking for fitness every day (about 30 mins) and am concerned about losing that fitness momentum. Can I still attempt to do some fitness walking with the boot? How much walking in it is too much? I’ve tried swimming instead, but cannot do it for nearly the required amount of time. Any other suggestions for some sort of aerobic exercise with this injury?Thanks!

  2. I am out of a cast and wearing a boot after 4 weeks of non-weight bearing due to fracture of 5th metatarsal (base). I have begun water exercise and using exercise bike, but would like to know some good specific exercises I can do to regain the lost thigh and calf muscle mass. I was jogging up to 20 miles a week prior to the break, and I am concerned about disproportionate strength in my legs being an extra risk factor in the future if I do not rehab correctly.