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femure neck fracture


selam aleykü father ýs 60 year old.his femur neck fractured yesterday.he hasn’t any health problem.what are we do?


    • I am a 36 year old male,windsurfer/kitesurfer/cyclist.I had a similar injury, fell off my road bike onto bitumen resulting in Intertrochanteric trhee part fracture of neck of femur, which was repaired by a dynamic hip screw. It is now 5 weeks and can walk with limp unassisted, but prefer to use a crutch. I have been doing lots of hydro, swimming, weights for upper body and static exercises for glut medius. Progress is slow but steady.I have been told that it takes about 1 year to feel completely over the injury. I am back on a stationery bike, but feel apprehensive with the idea of proper cycling. Although I am sure that I will get back to it.I wish you well and hope that you make a full recovery.

  1. I am 66 years old did swimming(midmar mile),cycling(Argus)and Canoeing and was reasonably fit with a young attitude and strong bones,I fell during a mountain bike race and fractured my femur neck bone..the surgeon repaired with three 140mm pins ,this happened 16 weeks ago and am still suffering pain mainly the muscle connected to the groin.The femur neck has shortened by about 10mm and suspect the leg is as cosequence also shorter.I also have a lump of tissue? below the skin over the hip joint.Pain and discomfort is causing frustration …any help?