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Fifth Metatarsal Fracture


I was just diagnosed with a fracture in my fifth metatarsal.
I am in severe pain and I was told to not weight bear.
I am having trouble using crutches, and am wondering how serious or damaging it would be to walk on my heal which does not feel so painful.
Also all they put me in was an ace bandage and they said on Monday or Tuesday come back for a boot.
Is this the normal treatment for this type of fracture?

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  1. If I tell my patient not to bear weight, there is a good reason. I do not leave any doubt that this is the right thing to do and what could happen if they do not comply. You probably need to call your doctor and ask about this. They are the ones who know what position your fracture is in.

  2. in my opinion walk on heal isn’t a good idea. i didn’t respect the “rules” of the doctor and i had terrible pain and swelling, the doctor must cut my cast. now i’ve a big and painfull splint and then i’ll have another cast.