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finger won't bend…


chipped bone in knuckel on index finger. It won’t bend. Help!


  1. my son cut the palm of his hand between thumb and pointer finger about a year ago. He had a few stiches. Now after healing he still wont bend his finger. he keeps it straight when you ask him to bend it he uses his middle finger to push it down. When I feel his finger I feel a lump like the bone is hardening on the inside of the finger. what should I do.

    • I was diagnosed with CREST Syndrone 4 years ago but since the disease has progressed, the symptoms are unlike CREST. Instead of them slowly curling, my fingers won’t bend. In Jan. ’08. I was reaching for something and I felt my left hand snap and suddenly none of the fingers would bend. They’ve been like that ever since. I can feel hard lumps in the palms of both hands. This is very debilitating. I have been treated since ’04 by the Rhuematologist who diagnosed me with CREST. Any advise?

  2. Hi B TurnerI don’t know if I am too late I just found your post. I am looking about KNEES not bending back.However, you have ‘Trigger Finger’.I have had it a few times also.I have a wonderful ‘Hand’ Doctor and all I need is a cortisone shot and it is fine again.It last for a long time and sometimes I never need another shot.It hurts but only for a few seconds.I don’t know where you live, otherwise I would tell you to go to my doctor here in the Boston area.Let me know how you make