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Foot numbness during exercise


My wife is a 35 year old, 5′ 7″, 130 lb woman.
She mentioned that during exercise (typically 20 min on an elliptical trainer) her feet will go numb.
Specifically her toes and the balls of her feet.
Tying her shoes loosely seems to help, but doesn’t seem safe.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I have the same problem, and have tried different lacing techniques and different shoes, but with no change. I wonder if it is a compression thing – as this only happens when I am on the elliptical or stair master. These are both activities where your foot never leaves the ‘floor’. Could the constant pressure have something to do with the numbness?

  2. This might be a shoe fitting problem. If the foot is swelling or somehow otherwise pressing on the nerves this could be a cause. See if the problem occurs in all shoes.