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foot pain


I broke my 5th met. and fractured my 3rd on Dec. 26th,2003. The Doctor did surgery on Jan. 5th,04, placing a screw in the 5th met. which is still there for now.
My concerns now are with the pain that I am having in the bottom of my foot(middle and in the ball).
I am currently in therapy 3 times a week, and as of my doctors appt. today,he said that I may have planter fascia.
My therapists insists on doing deep stretching with her thumb and fingers, which only seems to aggravate the tissue.
From what I have read about this problem, this may only be making it worse.
Can you tell me if you would recommend me seeing a Podiatrist along with my ortho. surgeon.
I really want to figure out what is going on with the bottom of my foot, and not wait until to much scar tissue builds up.