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Foot Pain


Dear Doctor,I have over the past 3 months changed jobs from a primary office position to a Wal-Mart position being constantly on my feet on concrete.
It first surfaced as heel and ball pain and has progressed to a occasional sharp pain in the arch.
I have extremely high arches.
I have bought some “X-spring” shoes and have found that by changing between several forms of shoes it helps.
I consulted a foot doctor, whom said that my high arches were the culprits, and only especially made arch supports would give relief.
Or, change jobs.
He gave me a selection of foot stretching exercising to do.
And suggested arch supports.Can these arch supports at a price of $500 plus be that good?
Or can a step gap measure be possible?
I experience the feeling of a sock wading underneath the sole, yet upon inspection the sock is smooth.
And sometimes like the experience of a planters wart in a certain point.
Yet upon inspection none is there and no sensitive point to the pressure to the touch.
Only when wearing any shoe.
I would appreciate your consult, explanation and possible relief.


  1. Try Z-CoiL’s! Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear has a coil in the heel that reduces the impact by 50% when you take a step. We have resolved many people’s heel pain, ankle pain. morton’s neuromas and plantar fasciitis. It’s non-invasive and works great! zcoil

  2. The altered sensation you are feeling could be due to a nerve problem. Where do you get the bunched up sock feeling? If it’s near the ball of the foot it could be a neuroma.

  3. A high arch foot has a hard time on a concrete surface. Fatigue and lack of adequate shock absorption take it’s toll, as you have discovered. I am not sure how stretching exercises would help you, but I don’t think it will hurt. A custom orthotic is probably a good idea in your case. Having said that, you should be aware that, like eyeglasses, the cost can vary from doctor to doctor. If you feel that you need to “shop around” then call several other doctors and see what the fees are in your area. Remember you are paying for the expertise of the doctor as well. Generally this is a case fee that includes follow up as well, but you should ask your doctor and factor this into your decision. People always think there is something better and cheaper on the Internet. If you would not consider buying eyeglasses on the internet without an evaluation, then you probably shouldn’t expect to find a suitable orthotic either.