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Foot Pain


I am a 20 yr old female with chronic pain on the lateral side of my left foot near the fifth metatarsal tuberosity, it gradually gets worse throughout teh day and when excersising, sometimes to the point where i can not bear to walk on itI saw my OS three weeks ago adn he told me to come back next weekDo you have any idea what is wrong with itI am a very active rower and it gives me quite a bit of pain, should i be resting it?
Thankyou Sahara

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  1. Please help me to find the right insert for my fot. I am now having pain (like a black and blue ) feeling on the outer side of my left foot between the heel and the baby toe. I have been to a orthopedic and really didnt get any questions answered . Please send me a email if you have any answeres ..Thank you