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foot problems


For the last ten years, my feet have gotten progressively worse.
I think it is related to Agent Orange exposure.
My feet have many different conditions: aching, on fire, feeiling that I am standing in blood, stone cold, brittle stiff, someone just stuck me with a knife, I’m standing on a pencil, I just walked on a rock, numb, but never good.My hands also have these symptoms sometimes from the wrist to the fingers.
The pain in my feet is on top and on bottom of the foot but never in the ankle.
Podiatrist says my circulation is excellent anf that I have osteoarthritis.
Gave me orthotics which hurt worse than feet did before.
Another doc now says it is nerve damage.
A homeopath says it is liver/kidney malfunction, another says it is toxin buildup.
What say you?