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Foot swelling and severy burning


I have been suffering for 5 months with foot swelling and severe pain and can hardly walk.My doctor has been treating me for gout about a month ago my lugs were filling with fluid,the doctor said it was from the Ansaid and steriods,now all i can take is Colchicine and something for the pain.
I am on a diet low in purines.
I wanted to say i have Atriel Febulation and am taking cumadin.Can you help.
Thank You


  1. Hopefully, you are being treated by an internal medicine specialist. If you truly have gout and these other problems, you need more help than I can give you from my end. A Rheumatologist is an arthritis specialist who can also treat gout, which is a chemical arthritis. I recommend you get a thorough evaluation of your situation soon.Good luckVivian A DPM